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As a teenager, I went on a lot of road trips with my church youth group in our beat-up, blue church van.  It was on one of these many drives across the country that I remember seeing a road sign that read, “Watch for wind.”  

I remember reading this sign, because when I did the entire van burst into laughter.  Watch for wind?!?!?  Why not, “Look out for air?”  How are you supposed to watch for something that’s invisible?  

Not having much driving experience at the time, we didn’t understand that wind gusts can literally push a car off course.  We hadn’t experienced how powerful AIR can be.  No, you can’t see the wind, but you can definitely see (and feel) its impact.  

This month we have entered into the season after Pentecost - the season that is marked by its relationship to the celebration of the Holy Spirit.  In the book of Acts, when the Holy Spirit first arrives, we are told that the sound is like “...the rush of a violent wind.” (Acts 2:2)  The church has always used wind as one of the ways that we talk about and describe the Holy Spirit, because just like wind, the Holy Spirit is invisible.  And, just like wind, the Holy Spirit is powerful and can move things.  

This summer I invite you to “watch for wind.”  Keep your eyes open for the impact of the Spirit.  Where do you see the Holy Spirit at work in your life?  In your community?  Where is God’s Spirit of truth and love moving things in a new direction or inspiring hope for the future?  Where is the Spirit blowing here at Holy Cross?  

Watch for wind - watch for the work of the Spirit.  And when you see it - when you feel the impact of the Spirit blowing in and around you - tell someone!  Share what you see with others.  Send me an email at!  I would love to hear your stories of God’s holy wind blowing in your life.