We are Holy Cross
A Christian community where you can explore your faith, make a difference by serving others, and experience God's presence in your life and in our world.

 It's easy to become cynical about the Christian church these days. There seems to be one scandal after another. Many religious people seem more concerned about condemning and excluding others than reaching out with the love and acceptance of Jesus. And where is God in the midst of all this? What is God up to in the 21st century?

We at Holy Cross do not have easy, oversimplified answers to questions like these. What we do have is a community of people willing to wrestle with these questions while we strive to love one another, welcome the stranger, serve those in need, and live out Jesus' Kingdom values. We're not perfect, but we know that. We're one of those perfect churches for imperfect people. If that is something you're looking for, we invite you to check us out.