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Habitat Fundraiser: The piggy bank fundraiser has begun! By following a 31-day calendar, members are encouraged to reflect on the blessings of their own home while donating funds for another family's home. To make it even more fun, please decorate your piggy bank, post a picture on the HCLC Facebook page, and encourage others to do the same. If you would like a copy of the 31-day calendar, please email Jim Schneider. Once the 31 days are completed, piggy banks should be returned to HCLC on August 9th or 16th. A volunteer will be at the parking lot entrance to receive them. Thanks in advance for your participation and donations!

Kickoff: Construction will begin at 3016 Pratt St on August 1st. This location is right across the street from last year's build.

How to help: To volunteer, please visit and follow the directions. Monetary donations can be made online at Checks can be made out to Holy Cross Lutheran Church with "Faithful Builders" in the memo line.

COVID restrictions: All staff and volunteers will be required to sign a personal health acknowledgement every day upon arrival for their shift. Volunteers will be required to sign a new waiver on the first time back to site. Volunteers will be asked to maintain proper social distancing at all times. Each volunteer will be given a NEW hard hat, NEW pair of work gloves and NEW safety glasses (when applicable) that will be yours to keep. Please remember to bring these back for your next shift. Although sharing is caring, please do not share your PPE with others. Water bottles should be provided for volunteers each day, but please bring your own just in case. Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be available.

Farewell: Kiah Shaw will be stepping down as the HCLC representative for the Faithful Builders. Jim Schneider has graciously agreed to take her place. From Kiah: "Thank you all for supporting me in this role! I will miss HCLC and will be sure to come back and visit!" If you have any questions or concerns, please email Jim Schneider.  


Below is a thank you letter for the funds Holy Cross sent to Habitiat from our Lented worship services:

Dear Holy Cross Lutheran Church,

Thank you for your gift of $799 received on 7/10/2020 to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Omaha. Because of the generosity of our community - including YOU - more than 40 local families will become first-time homeowners this year.

Here at Habitat Omaha, we believe homeownership gives our neighbors the stability and independence they need to create a better life for themselves and their families, and we are so glad that you do too. Your gift is empowering local families to work toward their future, physically building their home and attending financial literacy and home readiness workshops. Families who buy Habitat Omaha homes emerge more confident and prepared to shape their futures, while building stronger communities and neighborhoods.

Every dollar you donate, every hour you volunteer, and every time you spread the word about Habitat Omaha, you are affirming the belief that everyone everywhere deserves a safe, affordable place to call home.

With your gift, you are making an impact by strengthening our community and the social fabric that binds us together. We are grateful you have chosen to make such an impact through us.

To find more ways to get involved with our mission, contact us today or visit us at

With gratitude,

Amanda Brewer CEO