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We are not there, yet, however, I won't tell a lie.  It will be totally different. Our Summer Service two (or one)-singer ensemble will continue into the fall.  When we return to the Sanctuary (for traditional and Contemporary, or just one service),  singer(s) will sing behind plexiglass at a distance of 6 feet apart.  Hopefully, we will ask other instrumentalist to join us.  When this starts to unfold, I will be in touch!        

Instrumentalists:  I hope you all are refreshed and ready to go!  Once we move back to the Sanctuary, I am hoping that we we will add a bass, guitar, keyboard, and percussion……just maybe not at the same time.   We are working on spacing in the Sanctuary and safe physical distancing of musicians and the congregation.  Potentially, you could be  located in the loft or on the floor.  (I would recommend masks.)   Our repertoire could be a wide range depending on if we return to two services or remain with one service.