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 During the month of June, we learned the song “Confidence” by Dustin Lolli, Chris Rohman, Matthew Armstrong, and Ethan Hulse.  I totally came upon the song by accident.  The Christian band, Sanctus Real, was doing an interview with Sweetwater (music equipment) and talking about one of their songs which was “Confidence.” I couldn’t believe that I happened to find the song! I love the words, and I love the tune because of some of its unusual word stress.

Digging, I started.  (Thank you, Yoda.) There are some syllables of the lyrics that fall on a downbeat that typically would NEVER exist.  Example: the word “a-friad.”  The “fraid” syllable is on a major down beat! By emphasizing certain words, you have given the sentence its rhythm and beat.  In this case, it is a severe case of syncopation!  Crying foul here, yet, I still love the song!

Wondering, I began. (Once again, thank you, Yoda.)  Why do the patterns of words matter?  It’s our communication process.  It’s our rhythm and beat.  Our words take the form of prose, poetry, music, rap, art, sign language, and dance to express what we might otherwise be too timed to express.   I especially love watching a sign interpreter at a concert and the way they passionately convey the words through their hands with the beautiful flow and lyricism as in the music.

So, let’s talk about a simple phrase of “ I love you.”  Thankfully, there is no syncopation. Here is how it breaks down:

I love you:  Not anyone else loves you, just me.  
I LOVE you:  I do love you!
I LO-OVE you:  I super duper love you!
I love YOU:  It’s always been you and no one else.

Out of that one sentence, there are 4 interpretations.    Talk about a loaded sentence! As you can see, our words, regardless of how they are interpreted-straight forward or syncopated, matter a great deal.  How we emphasize individual words can change the entire thought-if not through words, then  art, music, and dance.  When your heart aches, you may need to drum for a half-hour to get that hurt out of your system.  When you are happy, you might get up and sing and dance. Maybe you just dance!  Perhaps your communication of words is straightforward or is riddled with all sorts of syncopation on the not-so-normal beats of the music.  Whatever your beat, whatever your rhythm, do it with “Confidence,” just like the song.  If you haven’t been able to make it to service to hear the song, click now and sing away!   

Musically Yours,
Becky Jones she/her
Worship and Music Coordinator

P.S.   Already planning Christmas! Becky