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 Pictures.  It is the pictures.  The pictures say it all!

What a great time I’ve had at Holy Cross Lutheran Church over the past ten years, and it is all because of you!  I noticed that my hair has changed- lighter, darker, shorter, longer, yet, still temperamental.  I found a couple of more worry lines in my face and, for sure, the evolution of an ever-changing body.   The constant thread?  I was always smiling or just out right laughing!  I, also, found looking at the pictures the beginnings of many, many friendships.  Isn’t that just dandy?!?!?  What a gift that you have GIVEN to me!!!

Thank you for your kindness, welcoming hospitality, and simply accepting me just as I am.  During the Cake and punch reception, I was keenly aware of how many working parts had to come together to put on an event.  On top of that, it was in honor of me.  Thank you.  I am one lucky (and humbled) Worship and Music Coordinator. Let’s plan on a lot more adventures!

Musically Yours,
Becky Jones