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November is a month of cooler temperatures, crunchy leaves, and being THANKFUL! Take some time as a family this month to talk about the things that you are grateful for. This has been a strange year for a lot of reasons, but God is at work all around us! What are you thankful for today? 

Sunday School

Here is the Sunday School lesson schedule for November. Lessons will be posted in our Faith Formation Facebook Group and emailed to parents. Don't forget to hop over to the Faith Formation Facebook Group after worship each Sunday for a quick lesson overview and music time! 

  • November 1: The Widow of Zeraphath
  • November 8: Jonah and the Big Fish
  • November 15: Isaiah's Vision of the Temple
  • November 22: A New Covenant
  • November 29: No Sunday School 

Prayer Partners

We are still searching for about 20 caring adults to serve as Prayer Partners for our elementary age children. Our goal is that they get to know one another and pray for each other throughout the school year. Maybe this is through snail mail, waving to each other at Parking Lot Worship, a zoom chat between the two families, or simply through prayer. We hope that this program can create long lasting relationships in our congregation! If you are interested in being a Prayer Partner for one of our young people, please email me and I will get you on our list!

Family Thanksgiving Activity

Due to the pandemic, we aren't seeing our family and friends as much as we'd like. Let's take some time to let them know that we are thinking about them! Set aside time this month to think of 5 people (or families) you are thankful for and send them card in the mail! Maybe you can decorate it with leaves or stickers, or you could even draw a turkey on it! Write to your friends or family to let them know that you are thankful God placed them in your life. I know your card will make their day!

Did you know that I am thankful for YOU?! I am!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.