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The talk of Christmas is forbidden at the Jones’ ponderosa until after the last bite of pecan pie and pumpkin bars on Thanksgiving.  Though the outside Christmas lights are hung in the beautiful fall weather, they are turned on Thanksgiving night that signals the neighborhood that Christmas is a go!  My beloved Christmas Dishes come out the Friday after Thanksgiving.  (I LOVE my Christmas dishes!) You can even officially listen to Christmas music  at the ponderosa the day after Thanksgiving but not before. 

Who makes up these rules, and why are there so many?  Rules don’t apply to EVERYTHING, do they?   Let me expound:  the car.  Do “Christmas” rules apply to the car? I suppose if I had a rule it would be no wreaths or antlers attached to the car.  Those items make me a sure target in a speed trap! (Please know that I am laughing as I am typing that out.!)

As I see it, I cannot be responsible for the music content of the radio stations. If I don’t like the song, I push a button to scan my pre-set stations  as  I like to listen locally to hear the local news, weather, and events that are happening.  Can I help it if 104.5 Omaha began playing Christmas music on November 13, there are no official “Christmas” rules for my car, and I have been singing with the radio everyday-all of the Christmas songs-before Thanksgiving?!?!?  NO.   I have  definitely found my Christmas Station!  

As the Worship and Music Coordinator at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, you would think that I would be nauseated by Christmas music by October 1, but I am not.    I have been thinking and planning Christmas since July.  All the choirs, worship leaders, and instrumentalists have been preparing for the Advent and Christmas services since October.  I am so excited for them all to share their talents and their love of music.  Each musician participates because they love the season and love their church.  In a way, HOLY CROSS is a "Christmas Station!" You can sing along, hum, or simply listen-just like you might do in the car. 

 When 104.5 Omaha started playing Christmas music back mid November, I got excited because I knew that Advent and Christmas at Holy Cross would soon begin.   Here's a music challenge:  Go ahead and sing away in the car.  When you get to worship, go ahead and sing away there, too!  Don’t be shy.  Holy Cross Lutheran Church can be your other “Christmas Station” for the Advent/Christmas season.  

A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Becky Jones
Worship and Music Coordinator
Holy Cross Lutheran Church