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Happy 2021 to you all! As I am writing this little article, snow is falling heavily outside and all I see is white! It feels so cozy to be inside and planning for our wonderful year ahead. Here are some updates for January 2021!

Sunday School

We will continue to be at home with a quick online overview in our Faith Formation Facebook Group following online worship until further notice. I'm hopeful that we will be together in person again in this new year. Here is our Sunday School schedule for January:

  • January 3rd: New Year's Break - No Sunday School!
  • January 10th: Jesus and John the Baptist
  • January 17th: Jesus Brings Good News
  • January 24th: Jesus Fishes for People
  • January 31st: The Lord of the Sabbath

Family Snow Day Activities

We are in the thick of winter and there are bound to be some snow days in our future! Here is a list of a few fun activities to keep you occupied on these snowy, cold days at home!

  • Indoor Snowball Fight: Grab some socks, roll them up and have your own indoor snowball fight (away from breakables, of course)! You could also use leftover tissue paper from Christmas gifts!
  • Snow Painting: Grab some liquid food coloring to mix with warm water in reusable spray bottles. Go outside and paint the snow! 
  • Friendship Bracelets: Do you have t-shirts from last summer that you've outgrown? Cut them into .5-1 inch strips, stretch them out so they are long and skinny and use them to make friendship bracelets for your family & friends!
  • Window Decorating: Did you know you can draw on windows with Dry Erase markers? Decorate a few of your windows to celebrate your snow day!
  • Indoor Picnic: Have your parents help you make your own sack lunch and make yourself an indoor picnic! Lay out a blanket and enjoy!
  • Kindness Stones: If you have river rock around your house, grab a few rocks to paint and write messages of kindness on them with a Sharpie marker. Bury them in the snow (preferably on side walks or in river rock landscaped areas) and look for them in the spring or when the snow melts!
  • Build a Fort: Grab some blankets and kitchen chairs and make yourself a fort! Ask your parents for some leftover Christmas lights and a few blankets to decorate your space and make it nice and cozy!

Click here for more snow day activity ideas.

Prayer Partner Update

My sincere apologies for dropping the ball on Prayer Partners. As of right now, we only have 9 people who have volunteered to be Prayer Partners, and we have 41 children in our Children's Ministry program. This has been such a strange year in so many ways! Instead of our traditional Prayer Partner match up, I am hoping we can connect young and old through snail mail. I am planning to reach out to those 9 adults, asking if they would be willing to send a card or "happy mail" to 4-5 children in our program. If you would be willing to send a card to a child, just to let them know you are thinking about them and praying for them - please email me and I will get you a list of kids! I hope that this snail mail connection will be exciting for both the kids AND adults! And if your child recieves a card in the mail, please encourage them to write back!

Music, Art & VBS Day Camp - SAVE THE DATE!

Plans are in the works for our 2021 Music, Art & VBS Camp! There are still a LOT of unknowns as we move forward, but save the date for July 19-23, 2021. More information will hopefully be available soon!