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Last August, I was introduced to a podcast entitled “Homebrewed Christianity.” Founded in 2008 by Tripp Fuller, Homebrewed Christianity is among the most popular theology podcasts. Besides individual podcasts, Tripp does online classes focusing on some of the most important and relevant theological topics of our time. I have participated in the following classes: 

•    "I Can't Breathe" (Black Theology): Disrupting and Revitalizing the World
•    Becoming Christian: The Ancient Creed for an Open World
•    Capital Change: The End of Religion and Business as Usual
•    Religion and the Spiritual Crisis: Ministry in a Secular Age

The current class is “Oh God What Now? Christianity 20 Years after 9/11.” Tripp is leading this class with Diana Butler Bass and Brian McLaren, two very fine theologians. This classs has six sessions:

1.    20 Years of Religious Decline 
2.    The Rise of Authoritarianism 
3.    Repentance & Resistance 
4.    Theology & Spirituality in Times of Rupture
5.    Inter-religious Learning
6.    Christianity - Should I Stay or Should I Go? (airs October 5)

While all these sessions have been interesting, I was particularly impressed with the fourth session, “Theology & Spirituality in Times of Rupture” which was led by Diana Butler Bass. I believe her 35 minute presentation is one of the most insightful and concise descriptions of the state of American Christianity that I have heard. She not only helps us see how we got to where we are, but also offers hopeful ways Christianity is and can move forward. 

Beginning Sunday, October 10, we will work our way through Diana Butler Bass' presentation "Theology & Spirituality in Times of Rupture."  Here are the topics from the presentation we will cover:
•    October 10 - The Three Ruptures
•    October 17 - The Three Questions in Light of the Ruptures
•    October 24 - Hopeful Signs for Spirituality and Theology Following the Rupture

I hope you can join us for this Adult Forum. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall following worship, at 10:45 am.